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Kids' Corner

Moving can be a fun and exciting time….your family is off on another adventure! But it can also be a bit confusing and distressing to your children. Some tips for helping your children with the move are listed below.

  • Show the children pictures of the new home plus their new room & neighborhood prior to moving.
  • Have a good-bye party for the children with all their friends and have each guest sign a tee-shirt or pillow case.
  • Provide each child a few small packing boxes to decorate and pack their favorite things themselves. Boxes will be easy to find and then allow them to unpack at the new home.
  • Start a scrapbook that features memories of their current home with room to create memories in their new home. Have room in the scrapbook for them to journal or draw pictures of their feelings of the move.
  • Give each child a disposable camera to take pictures as you're making your journey to the new home.
  • Allow your children to make some decisions - let them choose where to eat a meal, what color to paint a bedroom.
  • Take a break during your moving in and do something fun as a family. Have a picnic in a local park, or even in your new back yard, or go to a fun movie.
  • Take time to talk about the move and discuss their fears or anxieties. As an adult you may have moved a number of times, but for your children this may be their first experience.

YEAH! School’s out for the Summer, and Texas is such a wonderful place to explore. In the Dallas/Ft. Worth area there are a number of summer camps being offered from the Cooper Fitness Fun Camps and Swim Academy to the Dallas Theater Center’s Summerstage  to Smashing Times, to all sorts of sports camp. Click here for what’s happening in the Dallas/Ft.Worth metro-plex. (add the guidelive link that you already have in the current text.)

You can also go global in the state of Texas.  Plan a family trip to the piney woods of east Texas, the desert plateau of west Texas, Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas, the hill country with it’s rolling hills and sparkling lakes and rivers, or a trip to hundreds of miles of beaches from Padre Island to Galveston.  Check out for great places to travel in this wonderful state.

If you are new to Texas and have pets, a friendly reminder that our spring and summers can be exceptionally hot.  It’s important to remember not to take your pets with you if you have any occasion to leave them alone in a car.  In a car with the air conditioning turned off, the temperature inside can quickly rise to over 110° and can be fatal to the family pet in a matter of minutes. It’s best to leave pets in the care of a pet sitting service, local vet or boarding facility if you are going on an extended trip, or even an outing for the day where you might have to confine your pet in the car.

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